Monday morning I woke up early….6a. Usually I sleep until 6:45a or so, but today is a new day. Today is the first day of my journey to reach my goal to improve my physical health. For me, it is to lose a few pounds and my objectives began with walking three miles 5-6 days a week. I laid there, awake, still tired from the day before and my body telling me that that it isn’t going to move!!! My mind is screaming that I must have at least another 30- minutes sleep to have a good day.

Ken Davis, in his book Fully Alive, reports that 75% of Americans do not get enough exercise and that there are over 12.5 million children severely over weight. I am reminded from our Transformed Daily reading that our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. If the Israelites had let the temple fall into the same shape we allow our bodies to get to, it is likely that the whole thing would have fallen over. It is true that our physical condition and health effects every area of our life.

My decision to improve my physical health created in me a strong desire to grow spiritually, improve my mental attitude and improve relationships with my family and friends. I was reminded that if I desire to live fully for Christ, I needed to take care of the temple He lives in. My good physical health allows me to give my best for as long as He has planned. In addition, there are a few folks who live in my house that depend on me and I want to be there for them. There are things I enjoy doing and my physical health and well being will allow me to do them well in to the future.

So, as the alarm continued to remind me it was time, I got going. I moved my feet to the floor and hearing my bones crack. I shuffled over to my walking gear that I had laid out the nigh before, put it on, went out the door and took my first steps to achieving my goal. Zig Ziglar’s quote reminds me that we need to get up, get going and have no excuses, “If you wait for all of the lights to turn green before you leave home, you will never get started.” Set your goal and start today. God will give you the strength and power through His Spirit.

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