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Stop for a second and think about some of the most influential and powerful men and women of God that have lived through the ages. People like Dwight L. Moody, Lottie Moon or Billy Graham have influenced Christianity and the world and made an impact on our lives today even though some have passed away long ago. Now think about who led these mighty men and women of God into their relationship with Christ. Who was it that first told them about Jesus or got them prepared for their heavenly calling?

Even though many people know the names of the people listed above, we don’t necessarily know the names of the ones who first led them to the cross, and there is nothing wrong with that. There is a great reward in heaven for these ‘volunteers’ even though they remain anonymous. It is the faithful volunteers in a church that help raise up and train the next generation. You never know who among us might be that next great leader of the faith. Why not invest yourself into the people of this community. The rewards will far exceed your expectations.

Partnering for a Better Tomorrow at Second Baytown.

One of the biggest areas you can help out the church community is by helping our next generation know who they are in Christ. Whether it’s the very young or the almost adults, our young people need to see adult leadership stand up and show them how to be a person of integrity and character. You don’t have to be a school teacher, or sports coach to influence their lives. One just needs to have a heart of compassion, a genuine love and interest for their lives, and the ability to listen and speak into their situations the wisdom one gets from experience and the scripture. If you have an interest in volunteering in any capacity here at Second Baytown, contact someone today and get some more information. We would love to have you on the team.

Let’s Work Together to Make a Great Church and Community

From time to time Second Baytown likes to get out of our comfort zone and do some work on building up those around us in our community or around the world. Check out our missions page to see how you can get involved in our community or abroad.


There is a Place for Everyone to Get Involved.

Second Baytown Church believes that every church member is a minister. Everyone has a gift to use for God’s glory. if you are ready to take the next step and get involved inside of the church, choose from what type of volunteer you would like to become. We have several areas of interest and you certainly will be able to find something that is suited for your talents and interests. You can make a difference in this church and our community. Start today!

First Impression


This ministry is designed to help make a positive impact on members and visitors alike as they make their way in and out of our church facility. Participants will be “first contacts” and responsibilities include greeting those who are arriving, projecting a friendly and positive attitude and directing those in need of assistance to the various destinations around our campus.

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Greeters create a great first impression from the curb to the front doors to the auditorium. They assist people on Sunday mornings by handing out programs and helping guests navigate their way through the church.

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The ushers are vital in ensuring the smooth flow of the worship service. They help people find available seats as they come in, collect the offering each service, and count the attendance. These dedicated people are on alert to assist wherever needed. This is a vital position on the First Impressions team, helping people to feel welcome and at home.

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Welcome Ministry

As a part of our Welcome Ministry, you will greet first and second time guests with a gift bag filled with information about Second. Members of this team will also make short home visits to thank our guest for visiting Second. If you have a heart for people, this ministry is for you.

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Our Kids area “Kidventure” is always in need of volunteers, if you can give just one hour a week to minister to our kids, it would impact the lives of little ones in our area! We currently have over 300 children each week, so your help is needed.

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Reach the next generation of leaders by pouring your time, efforts, and heart into a group of believers looking for mentors. This ministry is very challenging and rewarding to serve in. Our teenagers need your input to become all that God has called them to be. sign up today

Worship Choir

The worship choir is for those who love to sing and worship the Lord and would like to use their talents to lead others into the presence of God.

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Praise Band Team

This ministry is for anyone who plays an instrument and want to use their talents to lead the Second Baytown community into a state of worship in our services.

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Media Ministry

Ministry participants should have a love for things technical. Volunteers will be involved in assisting in worship services each weekend and will be trained to use necessary equipment. Areas of interest include: sound booth volunteers, image magnification, and presentation volunteers.

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Drama Team

Participants in the drama/skit ministry will be involved in preparing and acting in short drama and skit presentations in the worship service or in Bible Study Classes. Participants may choose to be involved directly in acting or work “behind the scenes” in such areas as prop development, scenery and costume design.

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Guest Services

If you love people, Guest Services is the place to be. As a Guest Services team member, you have the opportunity to greet guests, help guests find their way around campus, and help provide them information about what is happening at Second.

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Angel Tree


Angel Tree ministers to children of incarcerated parents. Throughout the year, we have several events where we get to invite them on campus to share with them how much they are loved and cherished. Each Christmas, we provide gifts for children.

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Parking Team


The Parking Team connects with people by making them feel welcomed even before they get out of their cars. They are the first face that our friends and guests see. Members of the parking team are stationed throughout the parking lot directing traffic, carrying umbrellas on rainy days, opening car doors for guests, and making everyone feel welcome at Second.

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EMS Team

As a First Response volunteer, you are commissioned to provide immediate basic care to an injured or suddenly ill person during a regular service or special event in which you are serving. This opportunity is ideal for nurses, doctors, EMT’s, and paramedics. They serve either Sunday 9a, 10:15a or 11:30a service. Schedules can be flexible.

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Deaf Interpretation

Deaf Interpretation Ministry occurs during our worship services. This ministry opportunity is available only to those who have received specialized training in deaf interpretation.

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Baptism Assistance

Baptism Assistance is needed to help both those being baptized and the pastors. Participants will be involved in this ministry on a rotating basis.

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Volunteer Office Assistance

Ministry participants help the church secretarial staff with ministry needs on an “as-needed” basis with skills such as technology assistance, phone contacts, folding newsletters and other correspondence.

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Ministry participants will assist the staff in taking pictures with our digital camera for special occasions and for on-going ministry projects.

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We have many ways to find help for whatever your needs may be.

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