Every member of Second Baytown is expected to fully worship God with all of their lives. This not only includes connecting in Sunday worship service regularly, but also means a commitment to a Christ-centered, grace-based life throughout the week.


Our desire is for every member of Second Baytown to connect with a small group of believers. The Bible says that we, as believers, are to bear one another's burdens. Through the small group connection, each member can build a support group of people who care enough to stand with you when you are weak.


As a person grows spiritually there comes a point when it is time to give back. Service to the Lord is service to people, and every member of Second Baytown should eventually find an outlet for serving. When we use our God-given gifts and talents to serve others, we become more fulfilled.


Finally the last core belief of the church is that every member should invest into this church and the people it serves. This investment means two things. First and probably the most obvious meaning is within the aspect of giving to the church.

Women's Ministry

A Place for You to Grow

The Women's Ministry of Second Baytown is designed for women of all ages to know that God has designed her with purpose. It is our desire for women to find a place to grow in the Word of God, find fellowship with others, and equip them to use the gifts that God has given them.

Let the light of God shine through in your life

Moms on Mission

Join us for a monthly gathering to refresh, re-envision, and equip moms to joyfully steward and disciple the children God has entrusted to them.

We will be meeting in Room 101 at Second Baytown.

What's happening next?