Parent Guidelines

At Second Baytown Church, you'll be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment by people who are excited to see you. We want you to have an idea of what to expect when you arrive at a Second Baytown Church. All you have to do from here is come as you are and find out more for yourself!

To make your child’s experiences at church happy and meaningful, you can:

  • Bring your child to church regularly. Talk to them about church and their happy experiences there.
  • Become familiar with the Kidventure policies and procedures and be cooperative.
  • Mark all belongings plainly with the child’s name.
  • Dress your child comfortably. Allow adequate time for dressing and for feeding before coming to church.
  • Write out any special instruction for feeding or caring for your child and inform the teachers when you drop them off. Never slip away from your child. Tell them in a kind, firm voice that you are going but will be back soon. Then leave quickly.
  • Make sure your infant or toddler’s diaper bag has all pacifying essentials (bottle, pacifier, diapers, blankets, etc.). This will alleviate us interrupting your worship time.

If your child has any known allergic reactions or special needs please inform the teacher before you leave the child.

Discuss behavior problems or other concerns regarding the child with the teacher during the week, not in front of the child.

For the protection of your child and other children, parents are requested not to leave a child who appears ill. Please refer to the Health section of this page.

A child will be removed from the class for the day if:

  • They appear to be ill when brought to class
  • They become ill during the class period, or
  • They display inappropriate behavior toward another child or teacher (i.e. biting, hitting, etc.) This is for the health and safety of our children.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

Health Guidelines

  • For the protection of your child and other children, please do not leave a child who has had any of the following symptoms within the last 24 hours: Fever, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Any symptom of the usual childhood diseases—Scarlet Fever, Mumps, Chicken Pox, German Measles, Runny nose, cough, or croup Sore throat, Any unexplained rash or skin infection, Boils, ringworm, impetigo, Pinkeye and other eye infections. Infants—first round of shots prior to being dropped off for the 1st time
  • Our teachers are not permitted to administer oral medication of any kind. Should your child develop an infectious disease (measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc.) following a session in Kidventure, please contact: Second Baptist Church’s front office at 281.427.6506 immediately.
  • Promotion Babies and toddlers will be promoted to the next class according to their development throughout the year. Parents will be notified by the department director when their baby/toddler is ready to be advanced. Children and Preschoolers promote once a year in August at the beginning of our Bible study year.

Security Guidelines

  • We offer a secure children’s area. You must sign in at one of our multiple check-in locations. Security tags are issued once you check in to regular attendees and members. Guests are given temporary tags for the day. Please take the adhesive labels from the printer. Give one label to your child’s teacher and take the other label with you. You will be asked to present this label when you pick up your child, and the number will be matched to the number on his tag. Please inform the teacher where you will be at the 9:00 and 11:00 AM hours when dropping off your child.
  • We ask that you create a free account using the Church Center App. Here you can check-in your child each week for Kidventure.
  • We encourage all parents of babies and visitors to check out a pager. Rooms will be open 15 minutes prior to each event. Please be prompt in picking up your child from each event. No infant, toddler, or preschool child shall be released to any person except a parent, family member, or authorized person over 18 years of age with the proper security tag.
  • Safety Procedures Personal attention is important. Our teachers have a background check performed and an interview before they serve in Kidventure. In addition to our teachers, we use volunteers from on and off campus groups and youth to provide extra loving arms in our nursery and preschool classes. Parents are asked to label all items belonging to their child including diaper bags, bottles, pacifiers, coats, etc. Ask your teacher for a Kidventure diaper bag tag. Age appropriate toys will be used in each nursery/preschool room. Toys and equipment will be sanitized after each use. We request that children not bring any personal toys into the classroom.
  • Snacks Infants will be fed formula, milk, juice, or water if it is provided to us in bottles. Bottles need to be ready for feeding at any time you leave your child in the nursery room. A private room located in Kidventure is available for nursing mothers. Toddlers will be given a cracker, cheerios, or goldfish. Please send a sippy cup with drink for your child each Sunday. Preschoolers will be served a snack of crackers, cookies, pretzels, or goldfish and lemonade/apple juice. Please notify the teacher of any food allergies your child may have.
  • Allergy alert stickers are provided at the Welcome Center for you to put on your child so all teachers will immediately know of your child’s allergy. If your feeding schedule is flexible, it would be helpful if you could feed your infant before checking them in to their room. Preschoolers should be fed meals before coming into the classroom. Please do not bring meals for your child to eat during preschool care.