Kingdom Culture: Study Begins February 5

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Series Components

  • Five weekly messages taught by our pastors during our Sunday worship services February 5 - March 5.
  • FIRST EVER KICK-OFF Event, Sunday, February 5th at 5:30 p.m. with a special guest speaker
  • A 5 session Small Group Study Guide
  • A 30 Day Devotional (found in study guide)
  • Videos for the small group series provided on YouTube and Right Now Media

Getting Started

When will groups meet?
The week of February 5 through the week of March 5. The day of the week is your choice.

How often will groups meet?
Weekly for 6 weeks.

How long are the meetings?
Allow 1 1/2 hours plus about 30 minutes for hanging out afterward.

What is the commitment?
5 weeks.

Am I on my own?
I recommend every small group leader should have a co-host. You will need help along the way, so think of someone and invite them to join you in hosting your small group. NEW HOSTS will be partnered with a Small Group Host Buddy who they will check in with each week. (Buddies will NOT attend your group meeting unless requested and arranged.)

What about childcare?
This is a BIGGIE if you are a small group for young families. Make it as easy and clear as possible. Some ideas include: 1) Schedule your small group to meet on campus at the church during times when childcare is provided. 2) Ask each member to find their own childcare. 3) Ask a different parent each week to watch the kids in a separate room from the video/discussion so parents can focus on the message each week. What do I need for the first night? A “reviewed” lesson, clean-ish house, and some snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic).

What does it mean to HOST a small group?

H: Have a heart for People
O: Offer a place to meet (in person or online)
S: Secure your materials
T: Tell your friends

Host a Group
Join a Small Group


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