Core Values


Every member of Second Baytown is expected to fully worship God with all of their lives. This not only includes connecting in Sunday worship services regularly, but also means a commitment to living a Christ-centered, grace-based life throughout the week. It means giving all glory and honor to God in every circumstance.

Worship one of the first actions we learn as a evoted follower of Christ. Second Baytown Church wants you to come together in unity and worship the Lord in our worship services, but also reflect the image of Christ in the workplace and with family and friends as an act of worship. When you worship Jesus and focus your thoughts and heart upon him, your life begins to change. Your motives become less about self-service and more about serving God and the people He loves. Worship is the invitation for the Holy Spirit to come into our presence and work within our lives. Together let’s live a life of worship and honor the Lord in all that we do.

“I love the worship in services. It really brings me into a state of mind to worship God and show honor to Him. It’s the best 40 minutes of my week!”

— Tommy Stivender —


Our desire is for every member of Second Baytown to connect with a small group of believers. The Bible says that we, as believers, are to bear one another’s burdens. Through the small group connection, each member can build a support group of people who care enough to stand with you when you are weak. The group can build you up and encourage you with the Word of God when you feel inadequate. They will pray for you when life throws you a curveball, and most of all the small groups are where you will find friends willing to live life together in a way pleasing to God and full of fun.

Along with the small group connection, the church also encourages you to connect to God’s Word on a regular basis. The Word of God is where you will find the wisdom and strength to go through each day. The Word of God will illuminate your path each day and will help you in every area of your life.

We encourage you to join a small group, take part in any of the ministries around the church, or visit one of the many church events.

“Members of our small group have truly grown together as a family over the past several years. Everyone has both blessed and been blessed by each other. Life just works better when you have what small groups provide.”

— Cindy Hightower —


As a person grows spiritually there comes a point when it is time to give back. Service to the Lord is service to people, and every member of Second Baytown should eventually find an outlet for serving. When we use our God-given gifts and talents to serve others we become more fulfilled. Every member is a minister. Find your place to serve from our many ministries within the church, through local or foreign missions, or perhaps through our first impressions teams who help the weekly services run.

“It really is a blessing to serve in the church. I’ve found that all the time and energy I put into serving I get back in joy, hope, and love.”

— Stacey Jackson —


Finally the last core belief of the church is that every member should invest into this church and the people it serves. This investment means two things. First and probably the most obvious meaning is within the aspect of giving to the church.

Although it is a very important way to invest into this church, the second meaning of the word invest as it pertains to the culture of Second Baytown Church is possibly more important. The idea is that as a member of the church you would invest into the lives of the people that the church is here to serve. It has been said that less than 10% of the people who live in the greater Baytown area regularly attend church services. We must have a deep and unwavering passion to see lives saved in our community. Invite someone to church with you this week. Invest in their life and together, let’s lead people to Jesus, the source of our faith, hope, and love.

“When we invest in others, we show them the love, kindness, and compassion that Jesus exemplified in his life.  My goal is to let my light shine, and to the best I can, reflect the light of Jesus, and not my own light.”

— Kevin Troller —

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