“Houston, we have a problem” is the famous phrase spoken aboard Apollo 13. That same phrase has been used over and over again as a joke or even to describe a difficult situation. 

There is nothing like the sinking feeling you get when you walk in the office or walk in the door of your house and the first words you hear are, “We’ve got a problem”. Or the repairman looking at your air conditioner in the middle of summer saying, “We’ve got a problem.”

Truth be told we all have problems. Some problems are seemingly small, while other problems can feel overwhelming. And if we are honest, more times than we care to admit, our problems seem overwhelming. 

We’ve got some good news for you! Because we believe and scripture teaches that God’s promises intersect with our problems in life-transforming ways. 

Over the next 6 weeks we invite you to take a journey with us. This journey is going to take us through several passages of scripture in the book of Genesis. There we will see how the individuals in these stories discovered the power of God’s promises in the midst of their problems and how they continue to help us overcome our problems today. 

So join us as we journey through Our Problems… His Promises! 

- Your Pastors

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Series Components

  • Weekly Sermon Messages taught by our Pastors September 17 - October 22
  • A 40 Day Devotional (found in study guide)
  • A 6 session Small Group Study Guide
  • Videos for the small group series provided on Right Now Media and Youtube
  • T-shirts for Small Group Hosts
  • Weekly Small Group Buddy Calls (for NEW HOSTS)
  • Weekly Small Group Host Training and Informative Emails from Second's Small Group Pastor

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