My mom use to remind me, “we all lead someone”. You see, I am the oldest of 4 children and I really think it was a way to motivate me to make good choices and set an example for my younger siblings… I am not sure if that was such a great plan, but I guess you will have to ask them about that.. However, as an adult I have learned that we ALL lead someone.

No matter what our role in life, we all lead someone. CEO’s lead companies, bosses lead workers, parents lead children, friends lead other friends, we all lead someone. The question is who’s leadership style are we leading with. There are thousands of leadership books and styles to choose from in the world today.. I have read some of them and picked up some really good ides. But the best example of leadership has come from Jesus. His leadership style was God planned. It included honesty and truth, firmness with grace and love with humility. Adapting our leadership style to lead like Jesus begins with our heart and then flows into our thinking. This leadership style can only be seen when we follow through, displaying those thoughts and attitudes through our actions… That is the hard part.

1 Peter 1:20 says “He was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in these last times for your sake.”

God’s plan before creation was to send Jesus to the world for you and me. Thankfully God fulfilled his plan. His son Jesus was the greatest leader this world has ever known. His movement is still growing and expanding today and we all can be a part of it. That is the style of leadership we all need to mirror. It’s the style of leadership that can change the world, and change you and me in the process. It can make us more like him….Christians…”little Christ’s”

Here is a prayer: God, thank you for being a creator who fulfilled Your plan for the world including Your plans for me. I want to be like you. Teach me your vision for how to lead. Prod me, challenge me, stretch me, and give me strength to follow you as a servant leader.

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